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Alert Siren


New in Version 1.1.0!

  • Multiple siren sounds.
  • Alarm and timer settings.
  • Swipe to change color.


Is the situation critical? Are you under stress? Are aliens attacking your space ship? If so, sound the Alert Siren! Featuring an animated alert text pattern, audible warning sirens, wake timer, alarm and selectable colors, make your own fun with this novelty program.

alertsiren_2010-11-04_090443 alertsiren_2010-11-04_090502


It’s pretty simple -- just start the program and the alert will begin. If sound is enabled, tap the screen to temporarily mute or restore audio. To change the sound settings and alert color, tap the Alert Siren application menu in the upper-left corner of the screen and select the Preferences item to bring up the options page.

Use the mobile device’s volume buttons to control the siren volume level.

To set a Wake After Exit Timer or Alarm select the Timer/Alarm application menu. The wake timer is a one-time event that will start the program at the specified time after the application exits. The alarm will sound at the specified time each day if enabled.

Note that if the device screen is locked when the alert sounds, only the siren will be heard if enabled. The visual alert will not be seen until the user turns on the screen and unlocks the device. There appears to be no way to currently unlock the device automatically from a 3rd party application.


The following audio clips are available from and are licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License:
The following sound effects provided by A1 Free Sound Effects. submarinealert.wav

Coming Soon

  • Full screen support
  • Support for custom sounds