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A Bit of House Cleaning

Welcome to the new year. To celebrate, a couple of bug fix updates to our TrendStalker and Bracket Trackit HP TouchPad apps were recently released. All international Yahoo trends in TrendStalker should be working again and a minor scroll issue was fixed in Bracket Trackit.

In other news our first BlackBerry 10 app has been submitted. While webOS is our first love and we plan to continue limited support for the foreseeable future it is time to try new platforms and BlackBerry 10 shows promise. Obviously it is going to be a tough task for them to compete with Apple, Google and Microsoft among others. We will soon see how the latest BlackBerry offering stacks up, BlackBerry 10 will be officially introduced on January 30, 2013. Best of luck to them!

New Release: Bracket Trackit

New to the HP App Catalog is Bracket Trackit, a tournament tracking application for the TouchPad. From little league to the big leagues you can take your brackets on the go. Create, update and share tournament results.

Head to the App Catalog entry to check it out on your TouchPad or visit the Bracket Trackit web page here for more information.